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Above the Sun

'In the last breath of the day
When the sky is dying and tear has dried
In the island flying above the sun
My treasure is hidden'

This was last word of the pirate, Captain Rochant.
Since he was well known with his literary achievement, those who long for treasures were absorbed in the interpretation of his last poem.
'In the island flying above the sun.'
The most standard interpretation of the phrase was that it means the sun reflected on the sea.
The shape of the sun on the sea surface below the island, would look like an island is flying above the sun.
The problem is, that there are no islands which are not included in such description.

O sea, the marvelous ocean
Your wings and tides has led me here
There was really a flying island
I came to the island flying above the sunset

How great man you were, Rochant of the Gallows.
You have told us the truth.
But no one can climb up the flying island to find the treasure.
You jackass.